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Massimo 60" 420cc Electric Start UTV/ATV Snow Blower

SKU: Y250060715

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Excellent performance


I recently purchased the UTV Snow Blower from Massimo Motor, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This snow blower is an absolute game-changer during the winter months. Its powerful performance effortlessly clears even the heaviest snow, making snow removal a breeze. The build quality is top-notch, ensuring durability and reliability for years to come. Additionally, the customer service provided by Massimo Motor was outstanding—they were responsive, helpful, and ensured a seamless purchasing experience. I highly recommend the UTV Snow Blower from Massimo Motor to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient solution for snow removal.

Gets the job done


Not sure what all the fuss is with this unit, we got ours a few months ago and it proven to be well worth the money.
<br>i did have a problem with the delivery but it was due to our address, called Massimo and they quickly figured out the problem and redirected it to the correct address.

Mikey likes it


I've had this machine for a little over a year. It has handled light and heavy snow like a hot knife cutting through butter. Well-constructed and am the envy of my neighbors.

Snow muncher


Good quality product and great customer service. It's been over a year now and the blower is still working like a champ. I lost the manual and the rep i spoke with was pleasant a emailed me a copy in minutes.

Meets our needs and service


Purchased this snowblower and loved the idea and functionality, i had a small issue and contacted customer service who directed me to a service center 5 miles away. They were very helpful and even helped me unload and load it back onto my trailer.

Good value


Unit provides just the right amount of power. I have it attached to my Polaris RZR 900 4 seater, with 6” of snow it works great.

As expected


I purchased this in the fall of 2022 and did not use it for 3 months until we got our first snow accumulation. This is the first season of using it and has worked as expected.

Works but needs Modifications


I installed this on a Polaris General. After using it a few times the gas cap kept coming off and I had to modify the top cover so the gas cap would seat all the way and tighten. My next issue was the switch to turn engage the clutch for the blower stuck on, I had to purchase a new switch. It does move the snow when it is working but could use a little more power and be prepared to modify the unit.

Great buy


Great Machine. East assembly. I drive an Argo so I had to modify push bar, but knew this going into project. Have been moving snow that has been plowed and drifted with ease.

Very good unit.;


Overall a good unit. I wish the motor had a little more horsepower. Have had some issues with shear pins failing but that is as much my fault as the machines. I will say if you have a lot of turns and curves it will be a little tough to use.

It works, but


We live in Wisconsin in the country and have a long driveway. I loved this unit the first year we got it but went through about 6 sheer pins and a slow snow chute. Last year the light stopped working Overall, it is a usable unit but durable could be better depending on your situation.

Redesign issues


Easy to assemble. The "universal" mounting plate does fit my Odes Dominator 800 LT but is not designed for it. The angle is too steep, I have to use a floor jack to hook it up. The angle makes the shoes too short, have to get taller ones made and/or try to extend the brackets on mounting plate. Control box wiring is a little short, used a 5 wire trailer plug in as an extention, makes locating and installing control box easier.

more power


Mounting on a 14 ranger. Told them this when ordering. Did not get the right plate. Called and was sent right away. Some mounting documentation would be nice. Flashing light broke off on first use. Cheap plastic. Fuel and oil caps are hard to get at. A little under powered when in wet snow. A few small issues, better than plowing.

John Deere companion


I purchased this machine last spring,at a terrific price. I debated several months before I finally ordered. The unit came partly assembled, but was easy to put together.
<br> I mounted the machine on the front of my 1025r John Deere compact tractor, and cannot say how great it works. The tractor hydraulics lifts the unit for turns etc. without issue. I remove the bucket, and drive up to the machine, hook it up and am on the driveway.
<br> Like the other reviews I couldn't wait for snow and when it finally did, I was really impressed at the performance.

Can am defender with 60” massimo snow blower


So far only a few small problems with unit all fixed with a little work. Universal mount needed to be cut to work on Can am defender 2019 hd10 XT. For a-arm needed to cut all four corners off for clearance at only possible place to mount plate under can am also had to drill only one hole per side for the plate to mount this hole will be in the skid plate protecting your drive shaft not sure what’s all under the plate but there was plenty of room for the hole and it’s being covers by a much thicker plate. Three other small things thrower got stuck all the way to the left just need to reverse the cable to get it to work again have not had a problem since. Yellow cover for engine needs a redesign not able to check oil with it on nor can I get the gas cap off. So I’m just leaving it off. Last little thing snow comes out the back of the chute I’m just going to put a small piece of rubber were it comes out. Over all I like the unit I will post a video review on it probably on you tube.

Seems like a solid unit

by -

Purchased for 2014 Polaris ranger xp900 customer service was great, they sent me the correct mounting plate for the Polaris after I talked to them and it bolted right up will update as soon as it snows but unit looks pretty solid.



Just ordered my 5' snow blower, it was super easy, I spoke with both Sales and Technical and both calls were answered right away. Excellent customer service.
<br>Can't wait to install it, first snow is on our peaks.

Check your chain before you use it.


I used this machine for the second time last week. I am glad I checked everything because the chain was a bit loose and that would have been fun. After figuring out how adjust the chain tension we were good to go. You can't go really fast with this machine (basically idle at all all times) but since it is 60" wide it still makes quick work of my drive.
<br>Watch the belts and chain and you will be good.

Great Unit


Great unit, have used several times now and I am very impressed. Mounted on Artic Cat Prowler 650, had to drill one hole in bracket to make fit but was very straight forward. Will blow snow 20 to 30 feet. Beats trying to plow especially when you get a major dumping of snow.

Works great, excellent customer service!


The snow blower works great and the customer service I received in support of installation was tremendous. Pretty easy installation but there is a different mounting bracket for a Polaris XP 1000 that I had to order direct from Massimo. I would recommend this product!

Report from the greatest snow on earth


So I get over 240 inches of snow a year. I have to maintain a 1/4 mile of driveway.
<br>I bought this to mount to my Polaris XP900 Crew.
<br>The mounting issues are valid however I was able to get it to mount to factory holes on the frame. However I was only able to get 2 bolts in whereas I'd have really liked to get 4 in to really secure it.
<br>I have cleared 82 inches of snow so far with it.
<br>It works well (when it works more to come on that)
<br>I wish the motor was a 15 or 16 maybe even 17 horse. But I can love with it.
<br>When it works. I've had 2 major break downs with it. Both are Chain and Sprocket related. First issue is broke the fan shear pin. That was only a sign of something bigger inside being an issue. The top sprocket came loose, keyway missing and the chain came off.
<br>2nd issue exact same sequence of events. I think this is due to the chain not being tight enough. If I can get this fixed I will sing the praise of this machine.

Strong motor


So far I’ve use this to widen roads and driveways it cuts through compacted frozen snow pretty nicely. It even moved 60 inches wide over 2 feet deep of snow pretty nicely just have to move at a slow steady pace. I have it mounted to a 2007 RTV 900. It took some modifications to mount it but I’m confident. I replace the sway chains with turnbuckles to give it more of a tighter fit. I drilled and mounted eyebolts where I needed them for the sway bars And turnbuckles.

This thing is a beast!


Unit is awesome. I added to Kaw Brute Force 750. I did have to cut/ modify mounting plate because of tire turning clearance. It could be because of over sized tires. Started first time with quick hand pull. I also took had to take apart the remote operator pendant to route cables up to handle bars. This units is as solid as stated. Only issue was tracking shipment. Tracking showed it was delivered half way across the country. Then mine showed up a tractor supply by house. Even so all people I dealt with were also great! I wanted to post pictures but kicked me out when I tried.

Massimo snowblower


I'm very happy with my Massimo snowblower but wondering how do you tighten the chain

Good luck getting parts


Works okay, could use a little more power. Tried getting spare belts from the U.S. supplier SC Auto Sports by both phone and email and was completely ignored. Not sure what will happen if it breaks and I need parts to fix it.

Awesome unit


Recently purchased this unit and so far I am very impressed with it. Installation was pretty straight forward, easy to use and will blow snow at least 30 ft. The only thing negative I can say at this time is the safety light should be mounted on a 12" riser and further back as I broke my mount on a snow bank. Easy fix. I also wish that they sold "drift cutters" which would help in deeper snow.

Happy Customer


easy assembly and mounting on my 2017 Polaris Ranger XP Now waiting on first measurable snow

I'd give it 20 stars if I could!


Honestly, I was apprehensive about purchasing after reading some reviews online about the mounting issues. Well, apparently Massimo heard and listened - as it came with a universal mounting kit. I mounted it to a Yanmar tractor - it mounted perfectly to the tractor with the addition of a winch - also purchased at Tractor Supply (since it was not being used with an UTV the winch was needed)... Mounting went very well and fairly quickly.
<br>As far as performance goes.... WOW. It has become a traffic stopper here in the U.P. when people drive by and see the snow being shot off the driveway with such ease. Many folks up here plow their entire yard early in the season, making room to put the future plowed snow that will come up to 3' at a time.
<br>The wide auger makes for 2 easy passes up the long drive, clearing an impressive 5 foot width and shooting it far from the cleared area - eliminating the need to ever have to push back a wall of plowed slow as snow builds up. This is extremely important to us, as our driveway is basically a 1 car width, and drops off in places - which would make moving plowed snow potentially dangerous with a tractor plow.
<br>Will chime back later after more use about its reliability, durability, etc. - but initially out of the gate - its performance definitely deserves 20 stars!

works great


finally had 11 inches of snow in northern wis to try it out worked great. i mounded it on a polaris 500 using a front reese hitch for easy on and easy off. had to do a little motifing but works great. throws snow 20 feet. engine starts and runs great

No good mounting plate


The universal mounting plate did not fit my side by side Yamaha Viking. I called tech support and was told that is the wright one go on line and see the spec. I did not start doing this yesterday I had to cut it up and re weld it to make it fit tech support not very good. Have not got use it in the snow yet but looks to be all built, will update when it snows