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  • I am 68 years old, my health is deteriorating, walking is an issue and this UTV has helped me keep doing what I love to do. Farm, hunt, fish, real estate and be with my family.

    Mark Ginder, MI

  • "I have owned a polaris kubota, and john deer and to be honest I like my massimo the best!"

    alex in texas

  • This was my first UTV ever and I am very happy with it. The price point was great for a first timer and we are enjoying all the things it can do on our land. This was the first time I bought something this large online and I was concerned about the pick up process, but it was very smooth.

    Johnson in Kentucky

  • Right after I bought it, I took it out to service my feeders. It handled the steep slopes extremely well. Can't wait for hunting season to begin now.

    AMCook, San Antonio, Texas

  • I purchased the Buck 400 last month and so far very impressed with it. Fun to drive gets me to my favorite fishing hole way back in the woods. Climbs hills like a champ. I would definitely purchase again. Thanks for this hard working fun UTV.

    Christopher in Texas

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