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Massimo 50L Electric E-Kooler

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Good product

1 Year and still going strong

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Well, I would say this has been a fantastic unit and wouldn't have expected more for the value.

How do I change display to Fahrenheit?


How do I change display to Fahrenheit? The instructions do not say anything about this...???

A Fantastic Cooler You Can Run Off AC or your car. Supports Bluetooth too!


Purchased the 50L through Costco on sale about a month and a half ago. Have it running constantly on house current. Really works well and holds 32 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems. Found a free app for my iPhone/iPad from AlpiCool that pairs with Bluetooth on the Massimo 50L so I can control the 50L remotely. I saw that Costco has put all 3 models on sale again. I am very happy I bought this item and highly recommend it.

Coolest E-Kooler!


I love this E-Kooler CX50. I got the last ones from Costco. They were currently out of stock. Mine arrived in stock 5 days after purchase. It took UPS 2.5 weeks to deliver.
<br>Mine stated making a grinding noise after the 5th day. Sounds like a fan is hitting something. It took me an hour, but hitting the top of the compressor stopped the noise.
<br>Inside the house is 77F. I keep the cooler set for -2F. Stays frozen for almost 12 minutes before turning the compressor back on at +2F and running for 18/20 minutes. Normally I will use this for camping, and set the temperature to 36F. I am so exciting with this product, that I bought 2 microcrystalline 12V, 100W solar panels. Looking forward to running the CX50 at 24Vdc.
<br>Now where can I get a replacement DC input cord? Thanks!

Great cooler and there's an app for it as well


Just got this from Costco. So far I'm very impressed. It easily chills below zero. I noticed a bluetooth symbol on the screen and thought to see if there was an app to control it. Nothing under the Massimo name but I found one called "Alpicool T Series" that controls it perfectly. I believe this cooler is manufactured by Alpicool for Massimo.



I used to think electric coolers were delicate in comparison to standard coolers but I was wrong! I've knocked mine over a few times and the lid didn't open nor did it get scuffed or start acting funny. Very solid product here.



Great price, great storage and great support from Massimo on the order. I definitely recommend this cooler!



I was an avid user of the standard big igloo ice chests but the condensation and mess was always such a hassle to deal with. I came across Massimo's brand of electric coolers from a buddy of mine who has an atv. It was an accident stumbling across this but for the price I had to at least try. Love the storage space, the easy to use temperature controls, the durable design and the smooth wheels. Never going back to standard coolers.



Got this for my boat, works great and fits nice under the bench seat. Its quieter than you think for an electric cooler of this size.



I'm really happy with my e-kooler. The amount of storage is great and I like that the compressor is at the top instead of the bottom like most. Despite this being the 50L model, it still fits nicely in the trunk of my car.


CX50 Electric Cooler

• Product SIZE (L X W X H): 25.1 IN X 15.9 IN X 22.8 IN
• Weight: 34 lbs
• Capacity: 50 Liter
• Average Power Consumption: 45 +- 5W