Power Station- MPS300W

Portable Battery


Power Station- MPS500W

Portable Battery


Power Station- MPS1200W

Portable Battery


The Massimo Powerstation is an asset to any camper or hiker. Equipped with a 540wh capacity and compatible with a 100W solar panel, the powerstation charges your essential gear as you manuever through trails & terrain.


34 Reviews

Keith U. Verified Buyer

My new camping buddy

This product is fantastic. I love going hiking and this baby comes in handy. I can keep all of my devices charged in the wilderness. I don't have to worry about the noise of a gasoline powered generator. I highly recommend the Powerstation if you love camping or hiking.

Allison. Verified Buyer

Game changer

At first I wasn't sure if the Powerstation was worth the hype but I'm here to tell you it most certainly is. My family loves to go camping and now that the kids can keep all of their devices charged they can't get enough of being in nature. You can literally go anywhere have electricity at your fingertips.