07 Jun 2018

For Immediate Release June 6, 2018 
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Distributor Partners With One Of China’s Leading EV Manufacturers 

Dallas, TX — ATV/UTV distributor Sportsman Country is set to expand its

U.S. operations as part of an acquisition deal with one of China’s leading

EV innovators, Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: KNDI) The tiered

transfer agreement — signed May 31, 2018 — should benefit dealers and

customers alike in terms of technology, products and programs, according

to both parties. After the Membership Interests Transfer Agreement, Kandi

will acquire 100% of the ownership of Sportsman Country, LLC, and the

original two members David Shan and Johnny Tai will become shareholders

of Kandi.  

“We are building Sportsman Country as a platform to accommodate more

good brands, such as Massimo, Bennche, and Linhai. On the other side, we

are open to having strategic partnerships with all good manufacturers in the

world,” says Sportsman Country Chairman David Shan.  

“This really is a win-win opportunity,” says Sportsman Country CEO Johnny

Tai. “Basically, we live up to our end by bringing out even more exciting

products and expanding our dealer network to further enhance the total

customer experience.” 

The Dallas based sales company, primarily engaged in the wholesale of off-

road vehicles to dealers, was formed last year when Massimo Motor and

Bennche joined forces. The seasoned management team (Shan started

Massimo in 2008 and Tai launched Bennche in 2009) combined with a

veteran sales force averaging 10+ years of experience, was what appealed

to Kandi.  

“The powersports market is improving and is expected to continue to grow

in the near future,” said Mr. Hu Xiaoming, Chairman and Chief Executive

Officer of Kandi. “After conducting a thorough due diligence on Sportsman

Country, we determined that the company had strong performance in terms

of business execution, sales network, marketing cost controls, and

profitability. The acquisition is an entry point to gain a compelling

opportunity for business integration and market expansion in America which

will provide Kandi a solid foundation for the future strategic business


Kandi Technologies Group Inc. also plans to bring its range of affordable

electric vehicles to the US market in August 2018. Headed by the flagship

EX3, Kandi EVs will be available through Sportsman Country’s sales

network. Sportsman Country dealers will be able to scale their business and

take advantage of diversified products. 


Phone: 972-271-0888  sportsmancountry.com 

“Access to Kandi’s EV technology is certainly appealing for the longer-term

future, but we can immediately bring more resources into play for our

dealers,” concludes Tai. “It is too soon to reveal some of the plans, but we

can say we are actively and aggressively seeking qualified dealers as well

as potential OEM partners. We welcome all talented professionals to join

Sportsman Country, the winning team from Kandi.”