Owners resource


Vehicle Warranty Registration:

  • Dealers are required to register all Massimo Motorsports LLC vehicle sales within 5 working days.
  • Massimo Motorsports LLC is unable to process a claim without Vehicle Warranty Registration.
  • Massimo Motorsports LLC will keep all records for administrative use.

Vehicle Owner's Responsibilities:

  • Vehicle Owner's must properly used, maintained and cared for as determined by Massimo Motorsports LLC
  • Owner must service vehicle according to a Massimo Motorsports LLC accepted service schedule.
  • Owner must maintain all service records of work performed to vehicle.
  • Only an authorized Massimo Motorsports LLC dealer or service center can perform warranty repairs.
  • Periodic service and inspections are considered regular maintenance and not reimbursable.
  • All warranty repairs require authorization by Massimo Motorsports LLC
  • All Massimo products require an initial dealer pre-delivery inspection and set up to ensure proper operation and safety.

Authorized Massimo Dealer* Responsibilities:

  • Authorized warranty repairs are at no charge to consumer for parts or labor.
  • Authorized Massimo Dealers receive credited for replacement parts purchased from Massimo Motorsports LLC,upon return of
  • defective part removed from vehicle via RMA.
  • Any replacement parts will be unused, unless otherwise stated.
  • Warranty terms and rights may vary from state to state.
  • Any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose shall be limited to the duration of this written warranty.
  • All Massimo products require an initial dealer pre-delivery inspection and set up to ensure proper operation and safety.

Warranty starts from date of purchase by the consumer from their Massimo Motorsports LLC dealer for all Massimo Motorsports LLC products. During the warranty policy period, Massimo Motorsports LLC will only cover all warranty parts. The dealer is required to order parts for all warranty work performed and once the work is completed, the dealer should submit a warranty claim for full labor reimbursement within 5 working days.


*To be an Authorized Massimo Dealer, you must have a valid dealer agreement signed by the General Manager of Massimo Motorsports LLC 8551 Esters Blvd, Irving, TX 75063. This document is effective 2/11/2008.

UTV & ATV Parts & Labor Warranty

***Disclaimer*** Using UTV's & ATV's for rentals, racing or making any form of modifications to them will void any and all warranties. All warranties are also non-transferable.

Covered Parts Description Description
Motor Engine 1 Year Limited*
Drivetrain Components Transmission 1 Year Limited*
Exhaust Muffler, Manifold 1 Year
Suspension Shocks 1 Year
Electrical Wire Harness, E.C.U. 180 Days
Clutch CVT/Secondary Clutch 180 Days
Wet Clutch Clutch shoe, cover and one-way
1 Year
Battery(when purchased with new unit) Battery 30 Days


All Fluids, Spark Plug, Spark Plug Wire(High-voltage Wire), Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Throttle Body, Injectors, Shift/Throttle/Idle/Brake Cables, Clutch Belts, Drive Chains, Front/Rear Brake Pads, Front/Rear Calipers, Front/Rear Rotors, Front/Rear Axle, Front/Rear Spindle, Swing Arm/Sway Bar Bushings, Front/Rear Tires, Front/Rear Wheels, Fuses, Head/Tail Light Housings,light Bulbs, Seats, Seat Boards, Floor Boards, Mirrors, Top, Winch, Wind Shield, Rubber/Plastic Components, Hardware.